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braidbabes feed-in course

hey babe ♡ 


♡ let's talk feed ins!!

♡ feed ins are the big fluffy && colorful braids you see all over our instagrams! we use colorful hair && add it in while braiding to add length, volume && color to your braids ♡ if you are just looking for added length && volume but don’t want to add color, we have natural colored feed in hair too!


♡ join our fully virtual course to learn how create our big, colorful && fluffy feed in braids

♡ for this course, we have two options

1. basic - you will receive 5 packs of feed in hair (the same kind our braiders use) && hair pegs to hold the hair

2. plus - you will receive a full braidbabes feed in kit which includes: every color of feed-in hair we carry, a comb, scissors, products needed for braiding, hair elastics, clips && hair pegs


♡ by the end of this 5 day course you will know how to dutch braid with && without feed in hair, how to start the braid, add in hair, pancake, finish the braid && cut the feed in hair the same way our braidbabes do ♡


♡ this means you will learn our "bb secret" method of feed ins ♡ we have taken years in the braidbabes lab (lol) to perfect this method && we can’t wait to share it with you! 

♡ we looooooove big fluffy braids ♡ that means with feed ins too! we figured out a way to keep your feed ins tight to ensure you can rock them for days while still being able to pancake as big as we can ♡


learn how the braidbabes do it && sign up now to start creating big colorful braids ♡

**must have taken bootcamp to take feed in u ♡**

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