monthly braid bae plan

what if i do not use one of my monthly appointments?

if you purchase a paid plan with a recurring payment, the services that have not been used, do not transfer to the next month. when your next payment goes through your plan will reset to the number of appointments in the plan. (pro tip: schedule appointments ahead, you can always reschedule to change the date && not lose out on your credit) ✅

what day of the month will i be billed?

a client who has purchased a monthly recurring paid plan, will be billed on the same date next month 📅 (e.g if a paid plan is purchased on may, 17 the next date when a client will be charged for it will be june, 17)

what day of the month will my services reset?

the number of the services will be reset, once the recurring transaction for a paid plan successfully goes through. 📅 (e.g if a paid plan is purchased on may, 17 you will receive the next two braids on june, 17)

does my service have to be scheduled for a day in that month or only scheduled within that month?

you will be able to book an available service within the month when the paid plan is valid. the actually booking can be scheduled for anydate. 📅


how should i have my hair prepped?

we love rocking day 3 hair as much as the next babe but for your braids to hold the best we kindly request hair to be freshly washed and brushed within the last 24 hours 🚿 this way you can rock your braid for 1-3 days (or even 5, we're not counting) 😉

do you offer curling or straightening?

yes girl!! we're here to get you ready to rock your night out🔥 (or in, hey, braids are fun everywhere). upgrade to a full style for your braid appointment, check our braids and curls tab!

do you braid short hair? how short can it be?

every babe deserves a beautiful braid 😍 we can do styles on a pixie cut or longer, many of our styles can be created on shorter hair in unique ways, our braiders are so creative ♡

what are feed in braids?

be a braidbabe full of color! 🌈 feed ins are a fun way to add color and length without dyeing your hair. feed ins are also a great way to add volume && length! (yes, this does come in natural colors to match your hair too!) ♡ we will provide the hair for the appointment. we have a selection of colors for you to choose from. for feed in appointments we require at least 6 inches of hair to give you the perfect style. 🤩

i want to have a braid party! what are my options?

if you are hosting for a select number of babes check out our party tab. 🎉 the party option has four packages for 5, 10, 15 or 20 babes. if you are looking to book for a business or large event where there is no set number of guests check out our braidbar tab, allowing you to book for a set number of hours. ✨

where are you located?

we are a mobile braiding service! 🚘 we come to you, we will arrive at any address you type in our booking system. our team of braidbabes are here to come to you in the comfort of your home 🏠 or location of choice. 🎉 we travel up 20 miles from the city without a fee. && even beyond for a travel fee travel calculated from: buffalo - hertel ave && deleware ave nashville - uncommon james raleigh - raleigh beer garden

how should my hair be prepped for feed in appointments?

we highly recommend that your hair is straightened, clean, dry, and combed. 🙌🏻 straightening can be added to the beginning of your appointment, it's best if you let us know in advance. (so our babe has enough time in their schedule) ♡

i live a bit far from my city, do you charge a travel fee?

if you live or wish to party 🎈further than 20 miles from your cities central point there is a travel fee of $2 per mile, per braider, for every mile over 20 miles. 🚗 travel calculated from: buffalo - hertel ave && delaware ave nashville - uncommon james raleigh - raleigh beer garden

what type of space should i have ready for my appointment?

we're happy to braid at your dining rooom table, or an area with great natural light 💡 (we love to get those ig quality photos📷) && don't worry about the entertainment, we bring music 🎵 & are also happy to chat with you. BONUS: we love barstools or chairs with small to no arm rests, so we can work all around you ♡

do you do box braids && corn rows?

though these aren't our specialty, making every babe look && feel gorgeous is ♡ in buffalo, ny we recommend: diamond - @buffalobraidboss https://www.instagram.com/buffalobraidboss/ ​@goldplaits https://www.instagram.com/goldplaits/ nuri - @nurishmints https://www.instagram.com/nurishmints/ in nashville, tn we recommend: keva kanaye - @keva.kanaye.braids https://www.instagram.com/keva.kanaye.braids/

tiffany - @unique_tiffanyy

in raleigh, nc we recommend:

bridget - @_stylesbyb

janya arrington - @jluvshair

how should I prep my curly hair? do you prefer it straight?

we love braiding your natural curls, no need to straighten unless that's your desired look ♡

what products do you use and do you sell them?

the products that we use and recommend are by design me💖 products we use for appointments are the quickie me dry shampoo, hold me 3 ways hairspray (a fan fav) 😍puff me light && puff me texturizing spray ♡ you can purchase these products at these links 🤩use code BRAIDBABES15 for 15% off ♡
♡ dry shampoo - https://designmehair.com/collections/dry-shampoo/products/quickie-me-dry-shampoo-light-tones

♡ puff me texture spray - https://designmehair.com/collections/volumizing/products/puff-me-dry-texture-spray?variant=31783493992501

♡ puff me texture powder - https://designmehair.com/collections/volumizing/products/puff-me

♡ 3-way hairspray - https://designmehair.com/collections/control/products/hold-me-3-in-1-hairspray?variant=39635268862005

we also use beachwaver's wet texture spray ♡

here is the link for that ♡ use code BRAIDBABEWAVE for 10% off ♡


can you put in extensions?

your braidbabe can apply & style your clip in extensions for a $20 add on. 💁🏻‍♀️ we do not provide the extensions.

what is your policy with children?

there must be an adult present for any person under the age of 16. 👧🏻

how can i tip my braidbabe?

gratuities are never expected && always appreciated. most clients do choose to tip their braidbabe 15-20%. ♡ if you would like to tip your braidbabe for a job well done we accept cash and card tips. card tips can be made via venmo, day of. our braidbabes all have venmo keychains you can scan to tip them ♡


my bridal party and i would love braids, do you offer wedding styling?

yes ♡ you can now be a braidbabe bride with our bridal options 💍 book for yourself or add all the babes in your bridal party, with the option for additional babes (flower girl 🌸, mother of the bride, etc.) added as well ✨

can the clients arrive staggered throughout the appointment?

all clients must be present at the start of the appointment. we cannot guarantee that clients that arrive late will receive services. 🙅🏻‍♀️

cancellation policies

bridal booking

we require a 50% non-refundable down payment at the time of booking to save the date. the remaining 50% must be paid two months before the wedding date and is non-refundable after the two-month mark.

all other appointments

hey now, no one likes getting cancelled on 😭 but here at braidbabes we understand things happen, give us 24 hours notice & no worries you avoided any late fees! 😅
we love notice on cancellations but if you must cancel in less than 24 hours you forfeit 50% of your booking payment.
this last one makes us 🥺 (we love you babe) but any cancellation with less than 12 hours notice = losing out on 100% of your booking payment. but hey, we ♡ ♡ ♡ you so much we're willing to reschedule for a $20 late cancel fee.
just like a good friend were here for you & totally get last minute cancellations && hope these rules help to keep you in check ☑️ late policy: the appointment is forfeit after you are 15 minutes late, in this case no refund will be given.

parties and braid bars

we require a 50% non-refundable down payment at the time of booking to save the date. the remaining 50% must be paid two weeks before the event date and is non-refundable after the two-month mark.


what new protocols will you be following?

♡ our staff will be wearing a proper face mask. ♡ we respectfully request that our clients also wear a face mask. if the client does not have a mask one may be provided to them by our staff. ♡ our staff will wash or sanitize their hands before and after your service. ♡ all tools used by our braiders (including the kit bag they carry) will be sanitized. ♡ the area in which the appointment is held should be limited when possible to the braider and the client. ♡ we have put a hold on our dear babe book to prevent any unnecessary germs spread between clients. ♡ as previously requested upon booking, please ensure your hair is clean and brushed. your compliance with the above is greatly appreciated ♡ we have also waived the late cancellation fee for any client that is uncomfortable with these restrictions. thank you so much for your continued love and support ♡


what are hair shimmers?

shimmers are the latest hair trend! ✨ they are 100% silk strands, that come in a variety of colors (fun & natural), and are individually knotted onto single strands of hair ♡ for shimmer appointments we require at least 6 inches of hair to give you the best result 😍

how long do shimmers last?

shimmers last anywhere between a few weeks and a few months depending on your hair. ✨ shimmers will not last nearly as long in very fine hair. if you have very fine hair, we can tie the shimmer to two strands of hair for a longer lasting hold. 👍🏻

how do shimmers look in curly hair?

if you're a curly haired babe, strands will blend with your natural curls after a wash 🚿

can i use heat tools on shimmers? can i get my hair done?

since the shimmers are silk, you can treat the shimmers exactly as you would your natural hair. ✨ you can use heat tools, bleach and dye the hair, we promise ♡

should i be gentle with my shimmers?

avoid aggressively brushing or scrubbing your roots when shampooing. 🚿 other than that, treat your hair as usual ♡


can my guests arrive staggered throughout the party?

all guests must be present at the start of the party, this allows us to get a head count and gauge how much time we have per guest. ♡ we cannot guarantee that guests that arrive late will receive services. 🙅🏻‍♀️

what braids can my party guests choose from?

a braid party allows for 15 minute braids 😍 please check out @braidbabes_menu on instagram to see our braid party options ♡ (bonus points for picking out your braids before party time! 🥳)

work for braidbabes ♡

how do i become a braider if braidbabes isnt in my city?

join our bootcamp! we are starting a new independent contractor model of braidbabes 😍. taking our bootcamp teaches you all the braids you need to know to bring braidbabes to your city!! message us for more info 💕