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hair shimmers or as you might call them - hair tinsel, are the total coolest. 

here at braidbabes our shimmers are made of 100% thai silk. 
they are 40 inches long && can be tied in the middle to hang down up to 20 inches on each side ♡ 

you can: color your hair, lighten your hair, use heat tools on your hair, get your hair cut, braid your hair && style your hair as usual && your shimmers will not get ruined, melt or change colors!! ♡ these are salon quality hair shimmers! 

looking for a custom color? let us know!!

shimmers last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. 

we recommend installing shimmers to one strand of hair, though they can be installed with a bead for a chunkier look!

p.s. did we mention we have a course where we teach you our secret method of installing shimmers!!

it took us years to perfect && has absolutely increased the wear time per shimmer. ♡ ♡


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