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hiiiiiii babes ♡ 

we want to share one of our braidbabes secrets……..shimmers!

join our fully virtual shimmer course to learn how to apply shimmers the way braidbabes employees do ♡  

the shimmer course includes: 
♡ lifetime access to instruction

♡ 2 packs of colored shimmers (100% silk)

♡ a comb
♡ a clip
♡ access to our facebook community so you’re learning with others too!

by the time you finish this course, you will have learned how to apply, cut && place the shimmers the same way our braidbabes do ♡


this means you will learn our "bb secret" method of tying them in ♡ this will ensure your shimmers stay in for up to months ♡


here at braidbabes we never use metal rings to apply shimmers, as this can cause unnecessary damage to the hair. learning the official braidbabes application for shimmers keeps the hair damage-free, plus it is the most natural looking && feeling ♡


learn how the braidbabes do it && sign up now to start shimmering ♡

by purchasing a braidbabes course, you are agreeing to the terms && conditions ♡ view them here...


shimmer u ♡ braidbabes shimmer course ♡

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