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♡ welcome to braidbabes bootcamp ♡

♡ this is a braid training course teaching you all sorts of braids from simple double dutch to the trendiest boho braids. 

♡ this is a fully-virtual course, with live feedback && can be done on your own time!

♡ we will teach you all of our braidbabes secrets to styling and making each babe look && feel amazing.

bootcamp has two options...

♡ bootcamp includes ⮕ 
↳ lifetime access to instruction
↳ a link to all of our recommended/necessary products

↳ live grading && feedback
↳ access to our facebook community so you’re learning with others too!
↳ braidbabes certificate upon passing completion

***enrollment into bootcamp includes one free bootcamp pro registration to get hired by braidbabes!! ♡ 

by purchasing a braidbabes course, you are agreeing to the terms && conditions ♡ 
view them here...

braidbabes bootcamp ♡

  • lifetime access to instruction, so complete at your own pace!

    live && interactive videos once a month from our top tier braiders!!!

    ♡ you are given constant feedback and have the ability to resubmit for better grades as many times as you'd like

    ♡ in there you can ask questions about the braids, learn more about braidbabes && meet the other bootcamp babes ♡

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