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open to babes in




we recommend that you have one of the following

ig posts (1).png
ig posts (1).png
ig posts (1).png

you have prior braid knowledge

you have taken bootcamp before

you have a dedication to fast paced learning

what to expect

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ig posts (1).png
ig posts (1).png
ig posts (1).png

pass/fail grading with tons of feedback
learn/perfect 2-3 braids per day
start working with us in just 14 days if hired

hands on training with your city manager

ready to join us?!

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the essentials: (you neeeeed these ♡)

the extras: (these are great, but you can do without them!) (use discount code BRAIDBABES15 for 15% off products)

beach waver: (use code BRAIDBABEWAVE for 10% off)

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