braidbabes roles

appointment braider

as an appointment braider you would braid at single-person appointments, festivals, parties, weddings and other events as they are booked. an appointment braider is constantly working on their braid skill and watching for new trends in the hair industry. appointment braiders are in our booking system by name and promoted by name on our social media. appointment braiders work primarily on weekends and sparingly throughout weekdays.

event braider

as an event braider, you would braid at festivals, parties, weddings and other multi-braider events as they are booked. an event braider works on improving their braid skill over time. event braiders are asked to work on an as needed basis.

customer service rep

as a customer service rep, you respond to all client questions and messages. you handle all appointment change requests and invoicing. you also handle other responsibilities as assigned. right now, this role is part time but may become fulltime.