braidbabes' open positions

client experience rep
full time in buffalo ny

we call these babes "ber's" and they are the wizard of all that braidbabes does ♡  ber's respond to client questions && messages, handle all appointment details, change requests && invoicing, manage our braid supplies && merch, help the braider babes manage logistics, and a 'few' other essential details as needed to keep braidbabes kickin ass and thriving while doin it ♡


we aren't kidding when we say our bers truly are our mvb's (most valuable babes) ♡

if you are interested in this fun && full time position, please check out the full job ad here ♡ or just shoot your resume and cover email to

braider babe

have you always wanted to learn to braid?  did you know it could be a full time gig??  we feel you we created our braider BOOTCAMPS ♡  

if you are interested in becoming a braidbabe visit our "become a braider" page to sign up for our upcoming OCTOBER bootcamp.  you could be working as a braider as soon as you finish ♡