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How to Find an Opponent for Dissertation Defense?

Dissertation defense is one of the most important stages in the life of every graduate student and applicant. The procedure itself is standard: you need to study at a university or attach to it as an applicant, submit a dissertation to the Discussion Council (satisfying all the established requirements) and pass a defense. The defense is attended not only by members of the Dissertation Council, but also by persons invited by the applicant. These include official opponents.

Who are they?

Official opponents are experts who previously “evaluated” the work of the author, attached their feedback to it and were invited to defend the project. Who are the official opponents and their main functions?

Not everyone can become an official opponent. It is important that this is a specialist qualified in a particular field (on the topic or direction of research) who is not interested in a positive outcome of the dissertation defense. It should be noted that the author of a scientific work and supervisor only nominate candidates, and the Discouncil is in charge of approving official opponents.

What are the requirements for official opponents?

In order for a person to take part in the evaluation of a research project, at a meeting of the Discussion Council (dissertation defense), he must meet specific conditions:

  • Have a profile education corresponding to the topic of research (direction of research);

  • A degree is required;

  • Not a member of the Discouncil;

  • The expert gave written consent to participate in the assessment of the dissertation as an official opponent.

It should be noted that the following restrictions currently apply that prohibit the following persons from being an official opponent:

  • Minister of Education and Science;

  • Employees of state and municipal structures who can put pressure or influence on the members of the Discouncil, VAK commission, etc.;

  • Scientific supervisors, consultants and other persons who provided assistance in the process of completing the dissertation;

  • Co-authors of scientific work, scientific articles that formed the basis of the study;

  • Employees of organizations on the basis of which the dissertation was carried out (university, employer, laboratory, etc.).

Please note that all opponents must be employees of different scientific organizations. Official opponents (3 people) are needed to defend a candidate's dissertation, one of whom has a Doctor of Science degree, and the rest a PhD. To defend a doctoral dissertation, the presence of two "doctors of science" and one "candidate of science" is important.

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