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join beta.

 bring braidbabes to your city 

meet: braidbabes beta

for the first time ever - YOU can bring braidbabes to your city.

we have had dms, comments && emails from both clients who want to try out the experience for themself, as well as babes who have taken bootcamp && would be soo excited to braid in their local area.

so here it is, meet - braidbabes beta. 

bun bundle, bootcamp, beta.png

how does it work?

next bootcamp: 1/1/24

the braidbabes platform

being on the platform includes access to: 

the braidbabes shop

25% off all of braidbabes favorite and tested braiding supplies && your order delivered right to your doorstep.

monthly continued training

access monthly skill training videos to perfect your techniques && learn brand new braid styles. plus - vote on what you would like to learn next.

an a+ customer service team

our talented ber (braidbabe experience representative) team will handle all the emails, calls, texts, questions, cancellations, feedback && rescheduling. so all you have to worry about is what you love, braiding. ♡ 

marketing && new clients

you will be listed && available for live booking on
plus, get access to collaborating with the official @braidbabes instagram page. && look forward to new clients coming from braidbabes national presence!

90% commission rate

enjoy a high commission rate per booking (compared to a hairstylists average of 40-60%). we use this additional 10% to cover website && credit card fees. 

a braiding community

have access to a community of other braiders from tons of cities! share tips, get feedback && learn from one another!

webinar all about braidbabes beta - come find out more ♡
webinar all about braidbabes beta - come find out more ♡
Jan 17, 2024, 8:00 PM EST
webinar ♡

i want to join braidbabes beta ♡

yayy, we'll be in touch asap ♡

join the waitlist ♡ 

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