join our team of talented braiders ♡ 

step 1, sign up for bootcamp  

learn all of our braids  


our next bootcamp runs from 6/18/21 to 6/29/21

we have 10 braider positions open in nashville, 10 open in raleigh, 3 open in buffalo ♡ 


♡ after successfully completing our virtual bootcamp, you will have enough skill to make money braiding 

♡ this course will teach you pullthroughs, infinity, dutch fishtail and so many more


step 2, apply to be a braider  

♡ once you are braidbabes certified from bootcamp, you will be invited to apply

♡ based on your in-person braid trial and availability you will be hired

step 3, onboarding  

yay, you're with us now  

♡ here is where you will learn how to create the braidbabes experience for our clients

♡ you will also learn our top secret skills - shimmers and feed ins... shhhh

♡ then we teach you how to be a braider at braidbabes


step 4, let's start braiding  

your calendar is now live  

♡ tell your friends and promote your availability on social media

♡ festivals and parties 2021 here we come!